Who Am I?

gg-fb-imageMy name is Gary Graye and I am the leader of Team G UK. We are one of the fastest growing legs of Jeunesse in the UK! My goal is to ensure that all my team succeed.

I own and run a successful digital marketing agency in Warrington UK called Clientstreams.com and have been Ive been marketing products and services online since 1999.

That wealth of knowledge is shared with all my team members to ensure that they get to where they want to be in this fabulous business.

You know, this business is the simplest businesses that you could be involved with and ANYONE CAN DO IT.


  • Hold stock of the products

  • Invoice the customer for what they have bought

  • Do deliveries

  • Or collect any money

Jeunesse do all that for you and you get paid your commissions every week.

So why should you join my team

  • I’m passionate and really care for my team

  • Full ongoing personal training

  • We have a private Facebook Group just for our team!

  • My many years of marketing are a huge benefit to my team

  • Already a successful distributor in less than 30 days

Why not join our team today and start building the life you have always wanted.